Pro Serve Assets Valuation Company established in 2020, and despite its recent era, it was able to gain the confidence of its clients with all its professionalism in the real estate market


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Real Estate Appraisal

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Real Estate Appraisal

It is the art and science of estimating the market value of real estate property for a specific purpose and at a specific moment in time, taking into account all the features and characteristics of the property being evaluated, and all the basic economic factors of the market, and this includes researching alternative investments

Evaluation of lands, villas, apartments, apartment complexes and towers for the purpose of buying or selling and divisions of inheritances, financing, mortgage, merger, acquisition and liquidation

It Includes
  • Research
  • Testing
  • Production

Other Services

To upgrade the valuation profession to the rightful standards and its critical role as part of any country economy

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